5 Steps To Sexy Lips

Lip Makeup By: Nicole Bryl Make-Up New York

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Here are a few important tips to leave you feeling more confident about your lipstick application. People often ask me how my own personal lipstick stays on so long, well, there are definitely some key tricks and as soon as you master them you too can have long lasting sexy looking lips every day!

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5 Steps To Sexy Lips

1. Use a good old fashioned hot wet wash cloth to exfoliate your lips if they are dry. The rubbing motion will also help to plump up your lips and make them fuller.

2. With a powder puff, prime the upper and lower lips and outer edges of lips with a dual finish powder foundation. This ensures a clean slate for the lipstick and/or gloss to adhere to and help the chosen color to stand out. (This also helps to prime the mouth so the lipstick, liner and gloss stay on longer).

lips two
Image of Nicole Bryl Make-Up New York’s lips after lipstick application.

3. Add your lipstick color of choice onto the center of your lips only. Liner comes next.

4. For an ultra sexy look you will want to line your lips AFTER your lipstick has been applied. Liner helps to define the lips, makes them appear fuller and also stops lipstick from bleeding. Applying it after lipstick makes it easier to blend onto your mouth so the actual line doesn’t over power the lipstick. Blot mouth ever so slightly and NEVER SMUDGE LIPS TOGETHER AFTER LIPSTICK IS APPLIED!!!!!! This only creates unwanted lines on your lips and smears the lipstick over the edges of the mouth.

5. Finally, (optional) add a very high-gloss lip gloss. (Please note, you don’t need to use dark colors to create this ultra sexy look!)

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