Makeup Tips For a Bare-Faced Fresh Look


Hello NB Blog Reader’s,
   For those of you who don’t often wear makeup and are seeking a clean and polished makeup look, here are a few step by step tips to help you achieve a natural fresh faced appearance.

1. Prep skin (face and neck) making sure it’s clean and super hydrated with a toner, followed by a face cream which helps protect and replenish thirsty skin. I use ‘Floral Toning Lotion’ by Sisley, to begin with and then Sisley’s ‘Hydra-Global’.

2. With a foundation brush, conservatively apply MAC’s ‘Prep + Prime CC color correcting’ all over face and neck which even’s out skin tone, while also brightening the skin.

3. If you have blemishes, delicately spot check and cover each one individually with a cover stick a shade lighter than your skin tone. L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Crayon Concealer’s do the trick!

4. Add a cream concealer under and over eyelids, my favorite is Lancome’s ‘Waterproof Effacernes’.

5. Delicately dust MAC’s loose ‘Prep + Prime CC’ Powder’ with a powder brush, over the eyes, face and neck creating a translucent veil on your skin. It also helps to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and reduce shine throughout the day which is especially great if climates are warm.

6. Curl lashes using Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler (my favorite).

7. Add a light layer of your favorite mascara (mine is L’Oreal’s ‘Voluminous Original Mascara’ Black waterproof).

8. With your middle finger pat a light stain of your favorite shade of PALE lipstick or lip balm on mouth for a slight pop of color. No lip liner is required.

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