Five Summer Beauty Tips

Dear NB Beauty Readers,

During the summer season I especially encourage my signature Vitamin C “4 minute anti-aging treatment”. Not only is Vitamin C proven to reduce the damage that free radicals impose on your skin including sun spots, topical Vitamin C also protects your skin from premature aging and by performing my hand-crafted skincare treatment everyday it also helps to prep and prime the skin to perfection creating the perfect canvas to then superbly absorb any product applied especially SPF. Your SPF will indeed work more effectively!


1. Protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or higher. Perform your Nicole Bryl Vitamin C – 4 Minute Anti-aging Skincare treatment daily to prep and prime your skin to perfection before your SPF is applied. Protecting your skin with an SPF of 30 or higher is the #1 skincare must do when in the summer months and to ensure that your SPF is being fully absorbed and utilized, you must have unclogged and clear skin for it to properly adhere to.

2. Exfoliate each evening before bed. Exfoliate each evening before bed with Nicole Bryl Vitamin C face smoothing scrub. In the summer months your face creates more sweat and oils on the skin and with all of the products you may use i.e foundations, makeup and SPF, your face pores may become clogged and unusual breakouts may occur. Using a gentle face smoothing scrub each evening such as the one I hand-crush, before your night time moisturizer is applied would ensure cleaner skin and less daily build up on your face.

3. Gently wash your makeup brushes once a week, religiously. In the summer months, makeup brushes can more easily have oil build up because your face creates more moisture. Using the same makeup brushes day in and out without washing them regularly not only will add more oil build up on the skin, which makes applying makeup less blended-looking, but additionally the brushes may contain unwanted bacteria that may lead to unwanted break outs too. Read my makeup brush cleaning directions HERE.

4. Never go to sleep with makeup on. Sleeping with makeup on really cracks and dries out your skin. It also causes breakouts and stops your eyelashes from rejuvenating overnight, which can thin them. Just make it a habit even in the summer – even when you might not be wearing as much makeup – to spend three minutes before bed – even if you are exhausted – taking off your eye makeup and washing your face. Your skin will thank you for it in the morning. 

5. Prep your skin for traveling, keep your skin hydrated. In the summer months there is typically more traveling involved in many of our lives, which include more flights, air conditioned cars, trains and buses. This can be truly dehydrating to the skin which can cause your face to look tired and worn out. Be vigilant about protecting your skin! Before every flight I personally always begin by performing my Nicole Bryl Vitamin C – 4 Minute Anti-aging Skincare treatment plus face perfecting serum which preps and primes my skin to perfection. I apply my Nicole Bryl Vitamin C – Travel Size face lifting water and face perfecting serum several times while in flight until landing and finish it off with a few sprays of rose water to lock in the moisture. I always make sure to apply a hydrating lipstick of choice to keep my face looking vibrant and also keep my lips hydrated too! With these simple steps and products you will succeed at arriving at your destination looking your freshest.

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