Sandra Gelbard, MD

“As a 15 year private practice Internal Medical Doctor, specializing in disease prevention, vitamin supplementation and hormones, I have come across many different facial products over the course of my career. I can honestly say that my patients and myself have never used anything more effective than Nicole’s skin care line. I absolutely LOVE the 4 minute treatment!! There is a noticeable difference almost immediately and the ingredients are non-harmful.”Sandra Gelbard, MD

Sandra Gelbard, MD is the founder of Park Avenue Prevention and an internist who specializes in boutique medicine and the highest level of personal medical care. The practice focuses on disease prevention, cholesterol management and customized vitamin supplementation.

“Congratulations Nicole Bryl on your skincare line. Your passion, talent & dedication to beauty is seen in your artistry and in your anti-aging vitamin C creations! I like to use the NB Vitamin C Face Lifting Water, Tightening Mask, Smoothing Scrub and Perfecting Serum daily! I incorporate the 4 minute artisanal treatment into my beauty regime!”First Lady Melania Trump

“Nicole is an exceptionally talented makeup artist and her skin care line is a reflection of her passion and precision. I have been obsessing over the Nicole Bryl Vitamin C face tightening mask and smoothing scrub. My 2 favorite products! They are amazing. Incredible job!”
Ivanka Trump

“Nicole’s hand-crafted skincare products give me that glow whether I am going to a black tie event, or running out for coffee with zero makeup on. Nicole believes in healthy, luminous skin as the blank canvas for red carpet makeup, and her pure vitamin C products help achieve this natural beauty. Thank you Nicole! Xo!”
Ariana Rockefeller

“I love the fact that Nicole’s products are pure and chemical free! I especially love to bring the lifting water on longs flights in a spray bottle to keep my skin looking plump and refreshed.”
Dee Hilfiger

“Nicole Bryl’s Hand crafted Vitamin C Skincare products are luxurious and natural. You literally feel like you have new amazing skin after using her Body Polish. Instead of taking vitamin C orally, I soak it in through my skin!! Xoxoxo!”                    Ally Hilfiger

“Since the first moment I met Nicole I noticed a beautiful shine on her face. I saw this extraordinary glow, but was simply to shy to ask her immediately what in the world she was using on her skin! Finally she revealed to me her secret, Nicole Bryl Skincare 4 minute Anti-aging Treatment. I was completely fascinated to learn about her hand-crafted Vitamin C products. The first time that I tried the treatment, I noticed a change on my face. It instantaneously became smoother and shinier. I could say that my skin was alive again. I believe it to be one of the best skincare treatment’s available. I’m a beauty freak and I have tried so many products during my career as a model and Nicole’s 4 minute anti-aging treatment is the one that I like the most. Since that day my skin has truly transformed. I am a customer for life!” —Raica Oliveira

“Not only has Celebrity makeup artist Nicole Bryl been my trusted New York City makeup artist and friend for the past 15 years, but she is also the sister I never had. There is reliability, perfection and absolute brilliance in her work that always leaves me looking and feeling my most flawless and beautiful. I am impressed and elated with her unique one-of-a-kind anti-aging hand crafted Vitamin C Skincare formulations. They really work! Am loving the way it has made my own skin look and feel before all the important events of my life, and now she is sharing this exceptional skincare line with the world. Very proud of her and am confident that it will see huge success. Congratulations!”     Maria Menounos

“Nicole is well known for being one of the most sought after make-up artists in the world and now she’s developed a skincare line that promises to be as flawless as the famous faces she’s been making up for years.” Kathie Lee Gifford

“Meet my friend and makeup artist Nicole Bryl. Nicole has created, by hand, the ultimate skincare line that literally changes your complexion before your very eyes. The line is incredibly special and for us 40 something girls it is age defying! Follow her and learn more about it and find out all the celebrity hotties that are under its spell!” Mary Alice Stephenson

Makeup by: Nicole Bryl

“As a doctor who’s guided thousands of anti-aging transformations over more than two decades, I can honestly say that Nicole Bryl Skincare has transformed me. My skin is more radiant, smoother, and more lustrous than ever. I’m not surprised, because Nicole has truly put the power of collagen to work. Her skincare products will make your skin come alive.”Dr. Kellyann Petrucci


Silvia Colloca
Italian Actress, Cookbook Author, TV Personality, Australia



“My skin is alive again. The best treatment available.” -Raica Oliveira, Brazilian Model, A Satisfied Customer

-“Since I started using these products I don’t use anything else. I used to spend money on a lot of products and now, I don’t even get other samples.” -A Satisfied Customer

“Dear Nicole, You are my Ponce de León’s fountain of youth. #nicolebrylskincare #magic” -A Satisfied Customer, Huntington Beach California

“I will ALWAYS BUY. I’m won over. Heart and Soul and Face. I see a BIG difference already. I follow your exact directions. Thank you so much.” -A Satisfied Customer, California

“The 4 Minute Treatment is amazing!!! I love Vitamin C but haven’t used it in about ten years because all the products I tried irritated my skin. My skin is extremely sensitive so I gave up on Vitamin C. I took a chance on your products and I am able to use the 4 Minute Treatment without any irritation to my skin!!! I still can’t believe I am finally able to use skin products with Vitamin C again without my skin having a reaction. I always tell people I don’t know how you were able to pack so much Vitamin C into your products without it causing irritation!! The 4 Minute Treatment is not only incredible there is nothing else out there like it. Truly one of a kind.” -A Satisfied Customer, Colorado

-“I’ve been using these products for over a year now. I receive many, many compliments on my skin! I’ve used many different products over the years and I can say with all honesty THESE ARE THE BEST! They do what they say they’ll do. Thank you.” -A Satisfied Customer

“Ok now for guys out there so you understand how your skin feels, you know when you polish a car and it becomes really nice and smooth and it’s like a brand new paint again, that’s exactly how your face feels after performing the 4 minute skincare treatment, it feels very smooth and it feels great! Thank you Nicole for inventing this amazing skincare line!” -A Satisfied Man and Customer 

-“The skincare is luxurious and amazing and wonderful to use daily. Nothing else comes close. Makeup application is flawless afterwards. I see results with Nicole’s products, love them!” -A Satisfied Customer

“My mom says your skincare is the first true miracle she’s seen in beauty… and she’s 83! That says something.” – A Satisfied Customer

-“Every good skin day starts and ends with my 4 minute treatment.” -A Satisfied Customer, Dubai UAE

-“The best 4 minutes ever! Wake up to Nicole Bryl Skincare you won’t regret it!!!” -A Satisfied Customer, New York City

-“BEST SKINCARE EVER.”  -A Satisfied Customer    

“My skin has truly transformed.” -A Satisfied Customer, Brazil


-“Omg I’ve just tried the products and WOW!!! Unreal. Thank you!” -A Satisfied Customer

“I didn’t expect your line to be this good. It is GREAT!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Your products are addictive. I feel old if I do not use them, it’s ridiculous!” -A Satisfied Customer 

-“Love it! Food for my face!”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“My skin looks great thanks to your products. I love them! Thank you!”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“Love your luxurious skincare line, it is amazing and with beautiful results!!”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“Not just for the red carpet. The best regime ever!!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“The best skincare. Truly an amazing difference.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I am literally obsessed!” -A Satisfied Customer

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.” -A Satisfied Customer, North Carolina

– “I am so grateful…. I love your products… best remedy for my jet lag.” -A Satisfied Customer, Los Angeles


“I believe it to be one of the best skincare treatment’s available. “ -A Satisfied Customer, Brazil

Love, love, love! Happy to tell the world and be a testimonial. Like it’s seriously unreal and amazing!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I am in love! Thank you. I truly love your products and have used almost everything out there!” -A Satisfied Customer

“You know since I’ve been sick I have used your 4 Minute Treatment twice a day and have not missed a single day. It’s helping to keep my skin together through all this.” -A Satisfied Customer

“It’s unreal how many 4 minute treatments you get for such a little amount – genius.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Need more product!! Using religiously and see a genuine difference.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I love your products. The scent of your products are so delightful. “ -A Satisfied Customer

“I just gave my face the treatment after a day of wearing full face makeup for TV. My skin needed it so much! It feels smooth, soft and plump again!!! #miraculous .” -A Satisfied Customer, Australia

-“My skin is already 10,000% different. I used my 4 Minute Treatment plus perfecting serum last night and immediately perky, rosy and healthy. Also, the packaging is so pretty. Love it. Thank you.” -A Satisfied Customer

I am honestly lost for words, if this is Day 1 of your skincare treatment, I can’t wait for Day 5.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I’m on day 5 with your products and my skin feels AMAZING! It feels soft, looks more fresh and I can really see a difference. And that’s only after a few days!! I actually look forward to doing the 4 Minute Treatment routine because my skin feels amazing after. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  -A Satisfied Customer

“I literally cannot live without your products!” -A Satisfied Customer, Mexico City


“I have tried so many products and Nicole Bryl Skincare is the one I like the best.”A Satisfied Customer, Brazil

“I see and feel a difference. I love your products. I am so HAPPY.” -A Satisfied Customer

“Your mask gives me such a glow, I feel I still live in sunny California. I cannot get enough.”  -A Satisfied Customer

“I recently purchased from you two travel size 4 minute treatment kits + perfecting serum’s. I kept one for myself and the other one was a gift to my mother!! We are both so ecstatic with how amazing your products are!!! Well done!!! Keep up the good work.” -A Satisfied Customer, Athens Greece

-“I have been so disappointed in everything I have ever bought. Seriously I really LOVE your products!!!!!!!! My skin feels so great and so moisturized. I love them.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Your products are AMAZING! My skin feels so much smoother and tighter; the lines around my mouth are dramatically reduced and my makeup went on more smoothly and looks better.” -A Satisfied Customer

“I must share this with you. Tuesday I had to have surgery and the nurse said I needed to take my makeup  off. I replied, “I do not have any makeup on!”. She then called two other nurses in and they were marveled at how even toned my skin was. I said, “It’s my Nicole Bryl Skincare!!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“My boyfriend told me this morning that my skin looked beautiful! I never told him I switched skincare! Thank you, I’m so happy with my 4 Minute Anti-aging Treatment skincare routine.” -A Satisfied Customer


-“I am a Nicole Bryl Skincare customer for life.” -A Satisfied Customer, Brazil

“I keep explaining to my husband that buying Nicole Bryl’s entire skincare line and using it daily, is still much less expensive then going to have spa treatments all month long and tipping everyone.” -A Satisfied Customer

I so agree with the recent skincare quote you posted. I too have spent so much money over the years on products that didn’t do much for me or facials that were glorified face massages. The key here as a customer is that I trust that your products actually work.” -A Satisfied Customer

“I’ve always taken good care of my body and what I put in it, but have recently started taking better care of my skin and what I put on it. I can tell a huge difference with how much healthier and brighter my skin looks and feels with this handcrafted, Vitamin C packed with collagen and antioxidants Skincare routine! Thank you Nicole Bryl for this 4 Minute Treatment magic. You WILL see the difference!” –Kari Pearce International Crossfit competitor, fittest US woman and a Satisfied Customer

“Spending a lot of time in the gym results in sweat and dirt. Thanks to Nicole Bryl Skincare I can keep my face clean and soft!” – Morgan Pitcher Olympic Weight Lifting Athlete and Satisfied Customer

“Thanks Nicole Bryl Skincare for all the skincare tips for sports girls. I don’t go a day or night without using your products.” –Ariana Rockefeller, A satisfied customer, Equestrian, Entrepreneur 

-“My husband kept running his hand over my arm yesterday evening and then told me I had the softest skin in the world!! He literally couldn’t stop caressing me. Thank you Nicole for these unreal body products. As suggested I use them both in conjunction with one another and don’t go a day with out them!!” -A Satisfied Customer

“I’ve been using your 4 Minute Treatment for a few days now and my makeup artist barely had to fix my skin on today’s shoot. Unreal. Wow. Thank you for this!” -A Satisfied Model & Customer 

-“Since I’ve been using the products I’ve noticed my brown spots improving. I love the products so much! Thank you.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Love, love, love! Happy to tell the world and be a testimonial. Like it’s seriously amazing!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I love these products. I know they’re not inexpensive however, they are actually less expensive to me than other products I’ve purchased and stopped using as they don’t work. However I see results with Nicole’s products. Love them!!!!”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“You create miracle products! My skin is completely transformed after 2 days of using them! I’m forever grateful! Thank you!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Every time I go out anywhere I always use your 4 Minute Treatment. It’s official I’m addicted!” -A Satisfied Customer

“Your 4 Minute Anti-aging treatment simply works! Whenever I feel that my skin is too dry to apply makeup or powder, I use your treatment so that my makeup doesn’t look cakey. My skin feels tightened and even.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“This whole week I have been using your product’s religiously every day and I forgot how addictive your product’s are. It made my skin clear again!!!! Thank you for these products!!!”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“I have to tell you my skin has never looked better! I absolutely love your products. I use them in conjunction with my other products. Works great! Thank you so much.”  -A Satisfied Customer

-“I needed to write in and share this with you. Lately my skin has been looking horrible and whats worse, I have a huge event coming up this week that I MUST look my best at. I’ve been freaking out because my image is all about healthy, good skin and fitness and yet with hormonal changes my skin is more broken out then ever. YOUR SKIN CARE SAVED ME! I have been using your products an extra 2-3 times per day. The results are so instant I am completely amazed!! I really wanted to thank you so much for creating such a great skin care line. Honestly, THANK YOU. I owe it to you.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“OMG I had to write you. I just got back yesterday evening from my trip and opened my skincare package this AM. My mom said to me at todays event “Your skin looks so good!!!!”. I was like, OMG I JUST used Nicole’s skincare treatment!!! You are the best!!! Literally, it was like I had a laser treatment. Thank you!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“This morning I used the entire Nicole Bryl Collection including the Body Polish! I need to tell all my friends in Germany about the body products…my skin really feels younger. Not only silky and smooth but more hydrated and younger. Unbelievable! -A Satisfied Customer, Germany

-“Omg on a recent business trip I woke up with flaky, dry skin, it was so bad, like you could see the dryness. I used your treatment and nothing. My skin was refreshed. And it stayed that way, super hydrated. Thank you.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“My skin loves it. Your products help my pimples too. I get breakouts around my hairline and it dries them, they shrink I swear. And other products make me break out!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Santa put your amazing products in my stocking this year! I am obsessed and am now worried I am going to run out. I find that my skin looks amazing and for the first time doesn’t need anything extra. I am skin obsessed and so in love with your products! Thank you!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“I did your facial routine just to watch the Golden Globes at home…seriously! #nicolebrylskincare best kept secret.” -A Satisfied Customer

“My aunt bought your products and loooooves them. Said she noticed a difference within two uses! So great.” -A Satisfied Customer

“Dear Nicole, I wanted to let you know that lately people keep asking me if I just had a facial or went to a spa. It’s my new Face Lifting Water. Thank you.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“My skin feels softer and brighter. I also find that when I use my own moisturizer for Step 4, it now seeps in more beautifully than ever. I’m approaching 47 but my skin looks 35. Miraculous.” -A Satisfied Customer, San Diego California

-“Can I tell you something. I’ve always been very lazy to wash my face. Moisturize no, but washing yes. I now look forward to getting up to use your products each morning. I didn’t think I’d ever say this.” -A Satisfied Customer

-“Cuz I’m so lazy and nothing was THAT amazing I never used to use skincare. I love yours. I love the results. I love the way my skin looks and feels!!!!!!!! I love Nicole Bryl Skincare!!!!!!” -A Satisfied Customer

-“These products simply work. Whenever I feel that my skin is too dry to apply makeup or powder, I use Nicole’s 4 Minute anti-aging Treatment so that it doesn’t look cakey. My skin feels tightened and even.” -A Satisfied Customer 

“I just tried your skincare products, the 4 minute treatment – it is AMAZING. My skin looks so bright and also the redness is completely gone after doing it only one time. I’m super impressed and can’t wait to enjoy it tomorrow again and so curious how the skin will look over the next few days. My boyfriend is next! Love your skincare.” -A Satisfied Customer, Germany

“Dear Nicole, I write to thank you for my recent order. It arrived this afternoon. I am excited to now own Step #4 (face perfecting serum). I should have purchased it last month when I first purchased your 4 minute treatment travel kit. To be honest I didn’t expect your line to be THIS good. It is GREAT. I WANTED it to be this good. I HOPED it would be this good, but I thought I’d try a travel size kit first (with no face perfecting serum). I have sensitive skin (absolutely zero issues with your products) but I thought I might have a reaction so I thought I should go slow. I’d be a month ahead now if I had bought your 4 minute anti-aging treatment + perfecting serum originally. Well, I have it now so tonight I begin to turn the clock back a bit more. I am very happy with your products.” -A Satisfied Customer, Southern California