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Seems these days we are all in a rush. Whether you live in New York, New Orleans, North Dakota or Nashville, life these days is just out right hectic. Long are the times when a lady would customarily spend hours resting and getting herself beautiful with handmaids and helpers readily by her side for one evening out on the town. Nowadays, it’s hurry up and hit-the-road-Jack, praying that somehow you won’t look like a complete train wreck!

As a makeup artist ALWAYS on the go and with crazy call times where I often have to wake up at 4 a.m., I too personally experience this oh-so charming beauty (or lack there of) schedule. To help, I’ve put together a few of my personal quick makeup routines to power you through many moments of your chaotic life. Please feel free to share YOUR quick makeup routine’s too! Let’s pool our tips! Wishing you well.

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NB’s Quick go-to-work daily makeup routine:

1. Properly prep your face and neck with face cream and rose water spray.
2. Add your favorite makeup primer all over your face and neck.
3. Conceal the entire eye area (even your eye lids).
4. Add foundation only in the areas you see fit using a foundation brush or a wet (non-latex) sponge.
5. Spot check your blemishes with a Blemish cover stick pencil.
6. Lightly dust a translucent loose powder over the shiny areas of your face with a big brush and over your eyelids to set the concealer.
7. Dust bronzer over entire face, jaw and neck with big brush.
8. Add blush to cheeks, temples and forehead area.
9. Soft eye shadow of your choice (remember it’s office/day so keep it super light).
10. Eyelash curler (optional).
11. Mascara (waterproof or regular your choice).
12. Finally, lipstick and/or gloss.

The whole routine should take about 15 minutes!

NB’s Quick evening makeup routine:

Your “evening makeup routine” is exactly the same routine as your “go-to-work daily makeup routine” but with a few extra pops to choose from. You can:
1. Intensify your bronzer by adding more.
2. Add contour to cheek bone before adding your blush for a dramatic, chiseled effect.
3. Smoke up your eyes with a deeper shadow color or in the other direction a light pretty shimmer shadow.
4. Add a dramatic eyeliner on the upper lid right above your lash line.
5. Add eyeliner on the inside of your upper and lower
6. Add more shimmer to your cheek bone.
7. Really curl your lashes adding extra mascara.
8. Add either individual lashes or strip lashes.
9. Add a few loose sparkles on your eyelids over your light pretty shimmer shadow.
10. Use a lip liner together with your lipstick.
11. Gloss!!!

The alarm clock failed to ring and you only have minutes to get out of the house. NB’s Quick five-minute makeup routine:

Yikes! Being late is no fun at all but being “faceless” isn’t either. For a quick five-minute makeup, here are five short cuts:

1. Throw on some face creme and spritz your face generously with rose water. This instantly “wakes up” your skin!
2. Concealer
3. Blush
4. Mascara
5. Lip gloss. DONE!

If you don’t even have five minutes a quick one, two would be:
1. Rose water spritz to wake you up your skin and lip gloss to add a pop.
2. SUNGLASSES!!!!!!!

NB’s Advice on getting ready quickly for the red carpet event in your life:


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