Sandra Gelbard, MD

“As a 15 year private practice Internal Medical Doctor, specializing in disease prevention, vitamin supplementation and hormones, I have come across many different facial products over the course of my career. I can honestly say that my patients and myself have never used anything more effective than Nicole’s skin care line. I absolutely LOVE the 4 minute treatment!! There is a noticeable difference almost immediately and the ingredients are non-harmful.”
— Sandra Gelbard, MD

Sandra Gelbard, MD is the founder of Park Avenue Prevention and an internist who specializes in boutique medicine and the highest level of personal medical care. The practice focuses on disease prevention, cholesterol management and customized vitamin supplementation.

Melania Trump
(Makeup By: Nicole Bryl)

“Congratulations Nicole Bryl on your new skincare line. Your passion, talent & dedication to beauty is seen in your artistry and in your anti-aging vitamin C creations! I like to use the NB Vitamin C Face Lifting Water, Tightening Mask and Smoothing Scrub daily! I incorporate the 4 minute artisanal treatment into my beauty regime!”
— Melania Trump

Ivanka Trump
(Makeup By: Nicole Bryl)

“Nicole is an exceptionally talented makeup artist and her skin care line is a reflection of her passion and precision. I have been obsessing over the Nicole Bryl Artisanal Vitamin C face tightening mask and smoothing scrub. My 2 favorite products! They are amazing. Incredible job!”
— Ivanka Trump

Ariana Rockefeller : Red Carpet at Vogue’s Met Gala (Makeup by: Nicole Bryl)

“Nicole’s artisanal skincare products give me that glow whether I am going to a black tie event, or running out for coffee with zero makeup on. Nicole believes in healthy, luminous skin as the blank canvas for red carpet makeup, and her pure vitamin C products help achieve this natural beauty. Thank you Nicole! Xo!”
— Ariana Rockefeller

Dee Hilfiger
(Makeup by: Nicole Bryl)

“I love the fact that Nicole’s products are pure and chemical free! I especially love to bring the lifting water on longs flights in a spray bottle to keep my skin looking plump and refreshed.”
— Dee Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger
(Makeup by: Nicole Bryl)

“Nicole Bryl’s Artisanal Vitamin C Skincare products are luxurious and natural. You literally feel like you have new amazing skin after using her Body Polish. Instead of taking vitamin C orally, I soak it in through my skin!! Xoxoxo!”
— Ally Hilfiger

Maria Menounos
(Makeup by: Nicole Bryl)

“Not only has Celebrity makeup artist Nicole Bryl been my trusted New York City makeup artist and friend for the past 15 years, but she is also the sister I never had. There is reliability, perfection and absolute brilliance in her work that always leaves me looking and feeling my most flawless and beautiful. I am impressed and elated with her unique one-of-a-kind anti-aging Artisanal Vitamin C Skincare formulations. They really work! Am loving the way it has made my own skin look and feel before all the important events of my life, and now she is sharing this exceptional skincare line with the world. Very proud of her and am confident that it will see huge success. Congratulations!”
— Maria Menounos

Kathie Lee Gifford
(Makeup By: Nicole Bryl)

“Nicole is well known for being one of the most sought after make-up artists in the world and now she’s developed a skincare line that promises to be as flawless as the famous faces she’s been making up for years.”
— Kathie Lee Gifford

Mary Alice Stephenson & Nicole Bryl

“Meet my friend and makeup artist Nicole Bryl. Nicole has created, by hand, the ultimate skincare line that literally changes your complexion before your very eyes. The line is incredibly special and for us 40 something girls it is age defying! Follow her and learn more about it and find out all the celebrity hotties that are under its spell!”
— Mary Alice Stephenson

Dr. KellyAnn Petrucci
(Makeup By: Nicole Bryl)

“As a doctor who’s guided thousands of anti-aging transformations over more than two decades, I can honestly say that Nicole Bryl Skincare has transformed me. My skin is more radiant, smoother, and more lustrous than ever. I’m not surprised, because Nicole has truly put the power of collagen to work. Her skincare products will make your skin come alive.”
— Dr. Kellyann Petrucci